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Seducton of the advanced
What Shoppers expect from
Retailers at the Cutting Edge
April 2013

Seduction of the Advanced

What Shoppers expect from Retailers at the Cutting Edge

Charles Joyenew
March 2008

Charles Joye

Charles Joye, a major figure in Europe’s retail real estate scene, who was instrumental in founding, expanding and leading ICSC Europe sadly passed away on 20 March 2008. He was one of the founding Trustees of ESCT  from 1999 up until he died. Mr. Joye created Retail and Development Services, a Genthod, Switzerland–based consulting firm in 1981. The firm specialized in retail site selection and shopping centre development, leasing and management. From 1973 to 1981, he was estate and expansion manager at Maus Frères, a Switzerland department store chain. Before that, he worked for the Larry Smith consultancy firm in Lausanne and Paris. Mr. Joye served as part-time secretary-general of ICSC Europe from 1992 to 1996, helping to turn the organization into a dynamic champion of the industry throughout Europe. He was chairman of the European Awards Committee for the first five years, launched The Solal Marketing Awards in 1993 and was chairman of that program until 1996. He was chairman of ICSC Europe from 1998 to 2001 and chairman of the 1982 and 1988 ICSC Annual Conference, in Paris and Geneva, respectively. Charles was presented with the ICSC Trustees Distinguished Service Award in 1991 and was only the 18th person globally to receive the award at that time. With an ICSC global membership of some 40.000 then, there had only been 120 of these recognitions in 30 years. The European shopping centre industry is indebted to Charles’s generosity of time, spirit, dedication and most importantly, friendship.

Charles wrote a book towards the end of his life titled –  ‘Medical History of an Ordinary Patient and The Clan of Charles Joye vs The Clan of Sigismond Metastasis’. He describes his life in general and his battle with cancer up until his death on 20 March 2008. The book is available to purchase from ESCT with the proceeds being donated to the Trust.


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